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What really stands out is that the Tango is as slim and as light as advertised, fitting what amounts to a full range of desktop components in a package about the size of an iPhone 5s.


It consolidates data, apps, games and OS clutter with a single remarkably personal, hassle-free device with hands-free mobility.


Much like the Raspberry Pi computer, it is a small system. But the company says it has a 2-gigahertz quad-core Advanced Micro Devices processor with integrated 3D graphics that makes the system ideal for gaming.


When Tango comes to market users with multiple desktops, gaming consoles, IPTV boxes, and HTPCs will be able to enjoy a polished product that will save them time, money, and energy.


The Indiegogo project for a very small AMD APU powered PC by the name of Tango has gone past double its crowdfunding goal with over 30 days left of the campaign…[it] has an interesting idea to save customers money…


The world of pocket computers is an interesting one, and OmniGamer’s found out just what powers these pocket sized PC’s and what makes them so desirable for the gamer on the go.


Impressive is the fact it has decent CPU and graphics capability suitable for light gaming in such a small package thanks to its A6 APU. It is also more than capable for office systems as well.


There are mini PCs, there are micro PCs, and then there are things like the Tango PC, which look more like portable HDDs than anything else. Nonetheless, they are full-fledged systems…


The device is powerful enough to compete with the Xbox or Playstation but with the portability of mobile device(it is just a bit bigger than an Iphone)…


Tango PC, the small form factor desktop rig that can fit in the palm of your hand, was already an impressive concept based on the fact that, despite its size, it’ll be powered by desktop hardware