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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Tango and why do I need it?

Tango is a smartphone sized PC that has built in CPU, RAM on socket and SSD on socket. It helps you remove the clutter of multiple desktops lying around in your home and office. replace all the desktops with inexpensive docking stations and have one single Tango PC that you can carry around and plugin wherever you happen to work. Saves money and hassles of upgrading multiple PCs, OS’es, Apps, and Games. Saves a lot on multiple software licensing costs. Saves you from the hassles of data synchronization.

I do not see any fan or cooling mechanism on Tango. Does it heat up?

We have a patent pending technology that allows us to transmit heat from Tango PC in to the docking station. We have a fan and a large heatsink in the docking station. That’s how we cool Tango. A device of a same size without this technology would be too hot to touch even at 5 watts. Tango handles 25 watts with a comfortable warm touch.

Do you use any special RAM or storage RAM?

No. We use standard DDR3 RAM and mSATA SSD you can shop online from vendors. You can upgrade very easily. open two screws, slide open the metal cover of Tango PC, pop out the old RAM from the SODIMM socket and insert the new RAM. Same goes with SSD, which uses mSATA.

What is the weight of Tango PC?

Tango weighs 210 gms approximately when fully loaded.

Does it have a battery?

Yes. It has a small battery, that allows it to go standby when you pull it out of the docking station. after a few hours in standby mode, the system saves the memory content on to disk and hibernates. If the battery goes low, the system immediately goes to hibernation under Windows.

Does the system bootup every time I plugin Tango?

System just wakes up from standby mode when you plugin. In case the system was undocked more than 6 hours ago, it would resume from hibernation. The amount of time in hibernation is configurable under Windows setting. We suggest you keep it below 8 hours.

Would Tango work with multiple docking stations?

Yes. You can undock Tango from one docking station and dock into another and it will resume operation.

Does Tango support multiple monitors?

Yes, you can use an HDMI splitter cable.

What if I have a VGA monitor?

You will need an inexpensive HDMI to VGA adapter cable.